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See also: 4m33s, Yorky, Noise Kommandoh, Ambient Ashand, Cult of Ashand, Entity, Quadra, Ethereal Electric Elixir. Shambala Networks is Transylvania-based artist Olivér Dombi. 2 (1981) Toy Planet (1981) (with Bruno Spoerri) Rote Erde (1983) Filmmusik Vol. You see, I always try to be as non-chalant as possible but when it comes to someone whom you rank as highly as I rank Klaus, this is just beyond me, I probably won't be able. Samp 00/166 (2001) CC5.5.85 (2001) Solo Electrics Perc. There is much confusion regarding this obscure single in that it is mostly referred to using a vague Greek title Disco (Electronic Disco) which might be an attempt to describe the musical style but the fact. The music norwegian cumshot erotic massage in chisinau homoseksuell is fittingly spacey and ambient, but sometimes includes guitar, giving it a distinctive space rock edge. Sleep D (Australia) Live At the Fairfield Amphitheatre (2016) From 50 (2017) (S) (with Albrecht La'Brooy) After the Rain (2017) (S) (with Albrecht La'Brooy) I don't know what's the reputation of Sleep D, but I suppose they are mostly known in club / chillout circles. The band had one LP issued named "Circumvision". Skeppet (Sweden) Untitled (2009) Fåglarnas Samtal / Passagen (2010) (S) Phase 3 (2014) Deluxe (2015) Krautrock-influenced duo of Andreas Malm and Henrik Wallin. Their album Psychotron had considerable success among synth fans. Sadu (Canada) LiVE (2006) A collaboration between Sylken, Anomalous Disturbances and URM. Schlienz, Guenter (Germany) The Dalmatian Tapes (2010) The Sardinian Tapes (2010) Through Music To the Self (2012) Tape Studies (2012) Furniture Sounds (2012) Urban Tapes (2012) The Catalanian Tapes (2013) (S) Organ Studies (2013) The Norman Tapes (2013) Treehut Visions (2014).


Oasis Football/BBQ Party. "Piano Winti" is absolutely crazy fast piece made with a computer tracker program. Of interest are triple synthesizer works occupying the first side of Gamma Plus. Shipway, Michael (UK) free asian sex homo oasis norge Beneath Folly (1992) Into Battle (1994) Spirit of Adventure (1995) Voyage To Venus (2011) UK synthesist.


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Safred, Gianni (Italy) Electronic Designs (1977) Futuribile - The Life To Come (1978) Gianni Safred Alle Tastiere (1979) (S) This electronic / jazz / disco record (Futuribile) was released on Italian Music Scene library label and later re-released by Folkways. Kåt dame massage nude, erotisk kåt dame massage nude thai. Sex with homoseksuell real escort eskorte i tønsberg.