Tango Mondays

location: Glendale, CA, USA
Date/Time: Monday, Mar. 12th, 8:00pm — 9:30pm

MASTER TEACHER From Buenos Aires, Argentina
(World-Renowned Dancer & Choreographer)

8-10pm Tango Class for Everybody. Class starts with solo exercises technique moves and follow with tango steps and combinations for social dancing. Please ware leather soles shoes and comfortable clothes.

Only cash.
$20 per class per student

In Glendale, CA. Call
to request address at 818.451.9480

Daniela's phone number: 818.451.9480

See Daniela dancing and teaching on youtube.com/daniela4tango

Daniela Arcuri grew up in the heart of Buenos Aires where she had train with the master teachers and milongueros. She is recognized as a multifaceted Tango Legend for her work done in the performance, teaching and social dancing fields. She and Armando Orzuza had a 15 year successful career, they distinguished themselves as one of the top professional tango couples and won worldwide acclaim and recognition in the 90’s. They were brought to the United States to perform on Broadway with “Tango Pasion” in 1993, receiving high recognition by the New York Times. Upon their return to Buenos Aires they received an award for “The Best Young Tango Couple”. One of the highlights of their career was performing on famous TV shows, sharing their mastery, passion and magic with Julio Iglesias on Oprah Winfrey and also were invited to choreograph in the movie “Evita”, “Assassination Tango”, “Tango Magic” at the The Hollywood Bowl, among others. On the lighter side, Daniela made an unforgettable cameo performance in the IBM commercial, that has been aired, for the first time during the 1996 Oscar Ceremony. As the soulful and passionate ambassador of her country, Argentina, she is an intricate part of the evolution of tango dance in the new millennium. Her mission is to bring forward the roots and essence of Argentine tango while respecting its history and spirit.

Contact: Daniela Arcuri