Daniela Arcuri, Reviews

D&Acaras     From Newspapers

“All eyes move with Daniela Arcuri & Armando Orzuza at a monthly dance held by the Friends of Tango in Queens, New York. The event is echoed nationwide.”

Smithsonian, 1993

“Daniela Arcuri & Armando Orzuza moves with ambling urgency but also silky smoothness.”

Tango Pasion, Broadway. Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times, 1993

“Daniela and Armando looked as if they had stepped straight out of the 1940’s, in smooth-flowing dance filled with drama, atmosphere and subtle humor.”

The New York Times, 1997

“The appeal and the virtue of tango is that it joins two bodies. Sometimes is also joins two souls. Armando and Daniela have been dancing for seven years.”

Sun -Sentinel, 1996

 D&A apertura 8      From Collegues

“Fines del 1992, recuerdo de una de la noches memorables de la Peña de Tango La Ronda (en ese tiempo el epicentro de la noches de los viernes de Tango, en la asociación Akarense), una hermosa exhibición del baile de Tango Argentino a cargo de Armando Orzuza y Daniela Arcuri, muy aplaudida y por los concurrentes del lugar, la mayoría, bailarines profesionales, inolvidable noche de mis queridos amigos.”

Jorge Manganeli, Legendario Milonga Organizer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Armando y Daniela 3      From Students

“Daniela Arcuri is most definitely a Maestra of Tango, a title I use sparingly. With more than 22 years of experience in teaching Argentine Tango, Daniela Arcuri is one of the best tango teachers I know – and I know quite a few. There are performers, who can perform, there are choreographers who can choreograph and there are teachers who can teach.  Few can do more than either perform, choreograph or teach.  But with Daniela Arcuri you have the rare opportunity with a woman who has all three of these talents. Not only a professional tango performer, but also a “bailarina de pista” (dance floor tango dancer), who really knows the secrets of this Argentine Tango but, more than that, Daniela Arcuri knows how to impart those secrets to you. Daniela Arcuri, more than any of the great performing instructors, absolutely loves teaching and developing Argentine Tango dancers.  Her passion becomes quite apparent to anyone who has been fortunate enough to take her classes.  If you haven’t had this opportunity, it’s an experience you definitely don’t want to miss.”
Lynn Lewis,Los Angeles, CA, 2007
“I simply love Daniela. I guess I have a tango-crush on her. She is responsible for my chronic tango fever. She is not only a beautiful dancer, but an excellent and beloved “maestra”, and also a friend. Forever Daniela!”

Antonio Gragera, San Antonio, TX, 2011

“I have studied with many teachers of ballet and jazz since childhood and through college, and Daniela is one of the very best teachers I have ever had.  I have a left-right cognitive disability, and Daniela works with me individually in a way that I can understand, with kindness and patience.  It has been my pleasure to be her tango student for four years.  Not only is she a wonderful teacher of technique, she is an inspiration.  She has given me the confidence to develop my own tango style, and helped me achieve my own personal dance goals.  She is a great teacher and a great dancer and I am proud to call her my maestra.  I highly recommend her as a fun, warm and committed dance teacher who really knows her craft.”
Rachel Martin, The University of Texas at Austin 2012
“I have been taking group lessons with Daniela Arcuri for over five years, since she first moved to Austin.  I wish I could say that I’m a superb tango dancer; that is not the case.  However, I believe that my dancing has improved tremendously, in subtle ways, because of Daniela’s help.  More than any other teacher I have ever had, Daniela takes pains to explore with her students the many possibilities and nuances of the different figures, showing how small variations in body position, momentum and timing can enable the dancers to change one figure into another which is strikingly different.  Daniela tries to have us use “all” the muscles in our bodies as we dance.  Her vast knowledge and experience, as a show dancer, choreographer, social dancer and teacher, as well as her obvious human warmth and love of the dance, combine to make her an extraordinarily inspiring teacher.”
Fred Ferrate, Austin, 2014
“I feel fortunate that Daniela Arcuri chose to make Austin, Texas her home for Argentine Tango. She has taught, performed, choreographed, and produced classes, workshops, and shows around the world, including extended stays in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. So to have someone of her caliber, with that depth and breadth of experience, is truly a gift to Austin.”
“I felt frustrated with my dancing back when I learned about and started taking Daniela’s group classes. And even then it still took a lot of time for group classes, private lessons, and solo and partner practice before I started feeling comfortable – not satisfied, but comfortable.”
“What I could see from the first with Daniela was the exquisite attention to detail, the deep knowledge of body mechanics, the fine sensitivity to even the most subtle nuances of body position, mass distribution, movement geometry, dynamics, the promotion of creativity, and aesthetics.”
“The artistry and expressiveness in her dance, which she seeks to pass on to her students, impresses me regularly. Something I find striking in the way she dances, is that it possesses the same level of energy, creativity, and fine technique – whether she is performing with another professional, demonstrating for a class, or dancing socially. It’s inspirational to watch.”
“Even after a couple of years of dedicated work, and even with the lovely compliments from dance partners near and far, I am seeing that there remain vast areas to explore with Daniela. Her knowledge and ability to dance the different styles – historical, modern, and new, her deep understanding of the finest points of leading and following, her joy for what the dance means to her and what it can mean to her students. That all comes through so strongly. I’m grateful that I can share in that, and that the other dancers in this community also benefit from her teaching.”
David Phillips, Austin TX, 2015