Daniela Arcuri, Biography


Dancer, Choreographer, Producer & Master Teacher

From Buenos Aires, Argentina

Daniela Arcuri grew up in the heart of Buenos Aires, where she absorbed the English, French, Spanish and mostly Italian influences that define the cosmopolitan “porteño” culture of this port city.  She was also influenced by her parents who introduced her to the world of tango at a very young age. Her dynamic force started very early on at the age of seven, when she started to develop a strong passion for movement and artistic spirit of Argentine tango. She began training in all forms of dance including, ballet, modern dance, Argentinian folk, jazz, gymnastics, as well as having studied acting, directing and music. Her ability to connect movement and emotion with the music have earned her top accolades in rhythmic gymnastics and in 1986 she became National Champion of Argentina. She retired from gymnastics after competing internationally in the “Four Continents Championship” in Australia and “Kiwi Cup” in New Zealand. Later she graduated with honors from the prestigious “Escuela Nacional de Danzas”, where she received a Master Dance Teacher degree and began teaching, choreographing and performing in all forms of dance.

Daniela’s early intensive training and accomplishments generated much interest in the tango scene of Buenos Aires and she was invited to teach tango in Eduardo Arquimbau’s Tango Academy. Her first debut as a tango dancer was in the show called, “A Rose for Mr. Tango”, presented with legendary tango dancers, such as Juan Carlos Copes, Maria Nieves and Pepito Avellaneda, in Toronto, Canada. Daniela’s tango style became earthy, grounded and eclectic expressing different feelings and emotions, like happiness, sensuality, romanticism, drama and melancholy. Her uniqueness came from the fusion of all forms of dance and the influence and instruction of legendary tango masters, such as Rodolfo Dinzel, Gerardo Portalea, Petaca, Pepito Avellaneda, Antonio Todaro and Juan Bruno, as well as the great milongueros of Club Almagro, Sunderland and “La Catedral del Tango” of Villa Urquiza in Buenos Aires.

milongueandoenel40After many years of training, her main interest was performing and creating new tango shows. When she meet Armando Orzuza, she knew that after training him he can became her best dance partner and he did. In the early beginning of their tango career they demonstrated artistic flame, leadership and courage prompting tango critics to comment, “Daniela Arcuri and Armando Orzuza were always ahead of their  time”. In their 15 year successful career they distinguished themselves as one of the top professional tango couples and won worldwide acclaim and recognition. They were brought to the United States by world-renowned producer Mel Howard to perform on Broadway with “Tango Pasion” as solo principal dancers. For their outstanding performance they received recognition from well-known dance critic Anna Kisselgoff,  New York Times. In her critique she wrote, “Daniela Arcuri & Armando Orzuza move with ambling urgency but also silky smoothness”. Upon their return to Buenos Aires they received an award for “The Best Young Tango Couple”.

Later, Daniela & Armando opened their own tango school called, “Tierra Tango” in Buenos Aires and were regularly appearing on international TV programs including the Solo Tango TV Channel in Buenos Aires. They continued teaching and performing in prestigious tango festivals in more than 200 cities in Asia, Europe, United States and South America, including Tokyo, Hiroshima, Lausanne, Torino, Bologna, Rome, Geneva, Paris, Toulouse, Berlin, Hamburg, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Munich, Madrid, and Valencia, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo, just to name a few.

One of the highlights of their career was performing on famous TV shows sharing their mastery, passion and magic with distinguished artist Julio Iglesias on Oprah Winfrey and Cristina Show and with the legendary Argentinian singer Libertad Lamarque in SevCec Show. In addition, they also performed several times with Don Francisco in Sabado Gigante Show and Emeril Lagasse’s Show and were invited to be consultant choreographers and dancers in the movie “Evita”, starring Madonna and directed by Alan Parker. They also choreographed for Madonna’s “Re-Invention Tour Show” and trained and choreographed Luciana Pedraza’s performance in the movie “Assassination Tango”, directed by Robert Duval. Among acclaimed tango artists they shared stage with are singers Alba Solis, Beba Vidart and Abel Cordoba, Maria Grana in “Tango Magic” at the The Hollywood Bowl, Fernando Soler in “Sr. Tango” and orchestras like Sexteto Tango, Sexteto Mayor and La Orquesta de Ernesto Franco. On the lighter side, Daniela made an unforgettable cameo performance in the IBM commercial, that has been aired, for the first time during the 1996 Oscar Ceremony. 

Daniela and Armando produced and directed their first show called, “Buenos Aires Tango”, that described the history of tango with stories from real life, from the birth of  tango, through the golden age until the new era of “Tango Nuevo”. This show has been developed and perfected through the years and ultimately was presented for large audiences in Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Japan and the well known Kravis Center for The Performing Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Los Angeles, California. Famous tango dancers wich are today recognized worldwide in the tango scene and had been part of their productions are, Marta Anton & Luis Grondona, Facundo Posadas & Kelly, Pablo Inza & Valencia Batiuk, Carolina Zokalszy & Diego Di Falco, Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo, Marcos Questas and Zita Gonzales, Leandro Oliver & Veronica Salmeron, Luis Castro & Claudia Mendoza, Helina Roldan & Alejandro Suaya, Gachi Fernandez & Sergio Cortazo,  Omar Merlo & Natalia Lavandeira, Ricardo Barrios and Natalia Hills.

In the last decade, after she dissolved partnership with Armando Orzuza, Daniela choreographed and starred in a very unique musical, called “Sebastian Tango” in Buenos Aires and she also served as a member of the jury in the US Tango Championship 2014 in San Francisco. Daniela travels nationally and internationally to conduct her unique tango program called “The Seven Wonders of the Essence of the Argentine Tango”.dadecote
As the soulful and passionate ambassador of her country, Argentina, she is an intricate part of the evolution of tango dance in the new millennium. Her mission is to bring forward the roots and essence of Argentine tango while respecting its history and spirit. Currently she is developing a new show titled, “La Vida es un Tango” that will leave the audience mesmerized with the feeling that love is the only universal language we need to know to communicate with each other.

Contact: or 818.451.9480